Edge Computing,
Enabling Edge Device Connectivity In The IIOT Era

Standard MQTT Protocol, Fast Access To Mainstream Cloud Platforms

Modular IO Gateway

Creative Modular Design.
Users can extend IO Modules according to needs.
Simple & Efficient & Cost-saving

Points Linkage, IO Linkage,
Cloud Remote Control

Modbus Gateway

Support multi-host polling and Modbus protocol conversion.
Support slave data point configuration.
Report in custom Json format after edge computing.

Custom Json

JSON message custom conversion,
supports protocol of various servers and can be used without complicated changes.

High Reliability Design


Hardware & software dual watchdog.
7*24h stable operation without downtime.

Surge Protection

Protect device against damage caused by
instantaneous current interference in circuit,
such as lightning stroke, power switch, etc.

ESD Protection

Prevent electrostatic damage to
equipment, such as dust electrostatic,
electric arc, etc.

Product Details


Support DIN-rail & Panel Installtion

Digital Agriculture/Livestock Solutions

M100 is connected to sensors such as temperature, humidity,
water quality to monitor environmental data in real time.
Meanwhile, it can automatically control irrigation equipment,
blowers, etc based on these data, and can also be viewed and controlled on a PC and mobile phone.

Smart Home/Property Solutions

M100 can be used in various control scenarios of smart homes,
such as checking temperature and humidity, air quality,
controlling fresh air conditioners,
various solenoid valves, lighting equipment, and access control garages.
All status can be grasped through a mobile phone or computer.

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